ALL Plans Include

πŸ” Monthly Email

πŸ” Content Up-Purposing

πŸ” Review Videos

πŸ” Multi-Channel Paid Promotion

πŸ” Live Reporting Dashboard

Big Kahuna
Foundational work Initial onboarding and setup (equal to one month of service) required for all plans. Could include: create reporting dashboard, formulate initial topic list, create social media templates, optimize or create social media pages and ad accounts, install tracking code, and creation of quality content upgrade (lead magnet). = 1 month of service = 1 month of service = 1 month of service
Blogging Service Blogs are written with our own unique process: Research, Interview, Outline, Research, Write, Publish. *Client-Provided 1 Blog/month 2 Blog/month
Up-Purposing “Up-purpose” your best content (like blog articles, podcasts, or videos) into social media posts consisting of videos, quote posts, and motion-text posts. 8-12 posts/month 10-15 posts/month 20-30 posts/month
Ask the Expert Using a nifty bit of technology and some light post-production editing we create direct-from-you videos of FAQs. ❌ βœ… βœ…
Reviews Once a week we turn a review from Google, Facebook, or any other review site into a branded video for posting on your social channels. included FREE included FREE included FREE
Authority By sharing content of authorities in your field we are able to leverage their expertise while trimming how much content you need to produce in house. included FREE included FREE included FREE
FAQ’s Once a week we create a post from your FAQ on your website. included FREE included FREE included FREE
Email Once a month we send a simple email out to your list recapping any content created in the last month as well as any messaging provided. βœ… βœ… βœ…
Facebook & Instagram / LinkedIn / Google Display Network Promote your lead magnet and content on the social media platforms and websites your prospects are visiting. Pick 1 (+ $100/month ad spend) Pick 2 (+ $200/month ad spend) All 3 (+ $400/month ad spend)

The Ingredients

Content Creation

we believe that totally outsourcing content creation is a mistake because it loses the most important ingredient… YOU. Our unique process handles the heavy lifting of researching, writing, and publishing while still layering in your personality. 

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Social Ads

The beauty of advertising on social media channels is the targeting capabilities and lookalike audiences. Stay in front of anyone that’s visited your site, engaged with your content, or simply has attributes in common with those people. Currently, we love digitally stalking your ideal clients on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and GDN.

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Social Media

our recipe for social media includes a blend of organic, authentic culture posts that are driven by your team along with authority content that we create and source. People do business with people that they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST. Distributing educational content wrapped up in culture posts drives that relationship.

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Reviews and Testimonials

while it’s important to demonstrate your competency and expertise through educational content it’s also imperative that other people verify that competency. Quality, consistent reviews on trusted sites allow you to leverage what other people say about you. And let’s face it… what you say is marketing. What others say is the truth.

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Email Marketing

it may seem antiquated but email is still a very effective way to stay in front of your customers and prospects. Do you have a distribution list? What are you sending them? How often? We’ll figure it all out!

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Local listings

Owning your local directories means you control the information displayed. If and when you need to update your information, you can do so with ease. We claim and verify your business listings to ensure you own them forever.

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PPC (Search Ads)

Reach your target clientele the exact moment they are searching for your product or service. Through keyword research, a deep understanding of your unique offering, and constant refinement of your campaigns, we will connect you with your most intent-driven prospects.

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Free websites

we don’t believe that your entire marketing budget should be blown by a new website build. But you do need a quality website that’s built for speed, SEO, and conversion. So we found the best deal out there. Through our sister agency SearchActions we are able to provide you with a FREE website. Pay monthly for ongoing edits, hosting, and maintenance and only once the site is complete.

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