Let’s face it… digital marketing agencies are a dime a dozen. They’re everywhere. We all do similar services. What you need is a team that you can actually collaborate with. You need a team with similar energy. You need the right people, not just an agency. We are Digital Sandwich. If you’ve made it this far then you’ve gotten a feel for us. We are different. We are quirky. We aren’t for everyone and we know that. Maybe… just maybe… we’re right for you.

Who’s in the Kitchen?

Adam LaFaber


Chief Dishwasher

He has a love for sandwiches and a passion for marketing… or is it the other way around? Anyway, after working for corporate suits, Adam realized he’d prefer to work to the beat of his own drum. (Actually, I believe “maverick” was the term he used to describe himself.) Thus, Digital Sandwich was born! On a serious note, Adam is the current Vice President of the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and sits on the board of the non-profit Collide CF. He and his shirts live in West Akron with his wife of 14 years, Moose, and a giant house-leopard named Toey Pumkin Patch.



Operations Director

After graduating college and fed up with working retail, Abby found Digital Sandwich. With her degrees in Advertising and Marketing, she interviewed with Adam and immediately knew she’d fit right in. She started in October of 2020 and has been enjoying the culture, food, and drinks ever since. While Abby is a gifted writer, she truly shines in operations. In short… she gets s^&t done. Fair warning… don’t ask her a question if you aren’t ready for an answer.

Molly Hartong


Creative Director

Our secret weapon. Lots of companies have a fractional CFO. We have a fractional Creative Director. Molly (of Molly Hartong Design) is a graphic designer with 25 years of advertising and print communication experience, working for design firms, PR firms, advertising agencies, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. She’s awesome and your design work is in amazing hands. Boom.


Content Director

Meet Lindsey, an ambitious influencer marketing specialist currently finishing up her senior year of college. With a passion for connecting brands with the right influencers to spread their message, Lindsey has already proven herself as a skilled marketer. As she nears graduation, Lindsey is excited to continue learning and growing in her career here at Digital Sandwich.

Delainey Turner

Director of Sales Operations

Is it her knack for sales operations or her love for globetrotting adventures that defines Delainey? Let’s say it’s a tie. After proving her mettle as a college athlete, Delainey decided to run the sales game at Digital Sandwich Agency with the same gusto. (Spoiler: She’s acing it!) As the orchestrator of sales strategies, she ensures every campaign is as layered and satisfying as the agency’s namesake. When not charting new sales territories, Delainey’s either on a plane to her next escapade or debating the merits of various sandwiches. Call her the agency’s spirited sales guru, steering the team towards success with a sandwich in one hand and a boarding pass in the other. 🥪✈️🌏


Happiness Manager

is a dog. A very funny but very mischievous dog. If you come by the office there is a chance you may meet Moose. We are sorry in advance. I once asked him why he was so bad… and he winked at me.


Social Media Strategist

Her infectious energy, trend-spotting skills, and witty humor keep the team motivated. Mallory’s blend of creativity and strategy creates captivating social media campaigns that leave a lasting impact. Trust her vibrant expertise to make your brand shine.


While we would love to do everything under the sun when it comes to marketing… that just isn’t realistic. we want to stay in our lane BUT we have tremendous strategic partners that we LOVE to collaborate with. Meat our “extended” team.


We spun off another agency a few years back and you should know them too. Where Digital Sandwich ends SearchActions begins with custom WordPress websites and SEO.

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Pedal Stomper Productions

Pedal Stomper Productions is a dynamic video production company with a unique sense of humor and a passion for creativity. Their talented team consistently produces high-quality videos that captivate and impress their audience.

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Aegis 360

Meat our friend Ned Parks. We aren’t totally sure what Ned does but we know he’s really good at it. JK. Ned is your guy for business strategy and leadership training.

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Twin Pines Technology

Brian, Brian, and Garrett are our preferred defenders of cyber and all things MSP. If your tech isn’t working so hot… talk to these guys.

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Digital Sandwich Guiding Principles

Mission Statement

Without a digital marketing strategy, businesses can only grow as big as their team’s ability to physically network. Growing a business this way is overwhelming and unsustainable. Digital Sandwich creates and implements marketing systems that allow businesses to reach the largest audience possible and unburdens their physical resources.

Key Characteristics

Must be profit-minded so we can give back.
Thinking > Learning > Doing
OUR success is defined by the experience and success we deliver to our clients.
Work/life blend provides flexibility.

Critical Actions

Never allow Mondays to suck.
Look UPSTREAM to treat issues rather than symptoms.
Always have REAL conversations – internally and externally.
Innovate Everywhere. Always question how we hire, compensate, train, educate, and deliver.

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