At Digital Sandwich we believe that content allows a brand to demonstrate their expertise while also showcasing their personality, values and culture which allows them to create relationships AT SCALE. Our system allows busy business owners to help create this content without a ton of time and effort. We have the ingredients AND the recipe for “Marketing that Fills Your Plate”.

Content and Social Media to educate and build relationships
Review and Testimonial Solicitation to build trust and authority
Multichannel Ads to re-engage your most promising prospects

What is a Digital Sandwich?

At Digital Sandwich we know that business owners lack the time and knowledge to properly utilize the internet to attract, engage, and retain their ideal clients. 
Now the “meat” of our digital sandwich is content creation and distribution.
Business owners don’t have time for that stuff so “IF” they do it at all… they outsource. 
But outsourcing loses the most important ingredient… YOU.
We want your content to position you as “the secret ingredient” in your business… because you are!
YOUR stories. YOUR soundbites. YOUR insight. 
Be the hero of your business.
Create content that makes YOU the star.
At Digital Sandwich we believe that “content allows a brand to demonstrate their expertise while also showcasing their personality, values, and culture which allows them to create relationships AT SCALE”. 
Why is that important? 
Because we can manufacture KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST and move folks we have never met through your sales cycle.

How We Work

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The 3 Components of a Digital Sandwich

The downfall of many small businesses’ marketing strategy is that they attempt isolated tactics rather than an integrated approach. We know that just like making a delicious sandwich you will need a few ingredients. We make sure that your business has a recipe AND the proper ingredients.


One of the first things we need to do is deploy ways to gain attention from your ideal clients. We do this using a data-driven approach. Let’s begin by making certain that you still have the attention of your existing customers. Let’s use THAT data to formulate audiences of folks that should know who you are. By starting with data we are able to mitigate spend as well as increase the likelihood of success.


Once we have our ideal clients’ attention we now need to give them a reason to engage with us. We do so by creating increasing value and education them to a buying decision.


Now that we have helped you manufacture a relationship with your ideal prospects it’s time to convert them into paying customers…. It’s time to ask them to do business with you. Our mechanism to accomplish this is various retargeting ads on multiple platforms. Essentially we follow around folks that have indicated an interest in your services through their behavior. Technology allows us to show up everywhere they go on the internet and is only limited by budget.

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