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Welcome to the eye-opening world of customer-centricity! A vast majority of business owners tend to perceive the entire customer journey through their own lens, unintentionally neglecting the customer’s needs. This self-centered approach can hinder their ability to truly serve and satisfy their clientele and provide positive experiences. However, at Digital Sandwich, we’re here to revolutionize this mindset. By prioritizing exceptional customer experiences, we pave the way for successful businesses.

At Digital Sandwich, we embrace a profound understanding and empathy for our current and potential customers. It’s not solely about generating profit; our mission extends far beyond. We prioritize value creation and crafting exceptional experiences that genuinely cater to our customer’s needs and desires. Placing the customer at the front enables us to foster unwavering customer loyalty, trust, and long-term prosperity.

Understanding the Customer Awareness Journey

Drawing from Eugene Schwartz’s timeless wisdom in his influential 1966 book, Breakthrough Advertising, we recognize that the success of a product or service extends beyond its inherent greatness. The pivotal factor lies in comprehending the customer’s frame of mind and current level of awareness. To effectively engage and convert, we must meet them precisely where they stand, addressing their unique needs and concerns. This demands a profound understanding of their mindset and the ability to forge personal customer relationships. It’s not just about offering a stellar product; it’s about possessing a profound understanding of your audience and solidifying a potent bond for heightened sales potential.

What Is Included?

Embracing the customer journey surpasses the limitations of a mere “business owner’s journey” as it enables us to assess our clients’ awareness levels when they engage with us. By comprehending their unique positions in this journey, we gain the power to customize our approach and cater to their individual needs. This not only elevates client satisfaction but also encourages enduring relationships and propels business expansion. Moreover, when we grasp our customers’ awareness levels, we can craft targeted messages tailored exclusively for them. Recognizing their present circumstances and knowledge gaps is paramount, which is why we strive to establish connections by meeting them precisely where they stand.

At our agency, we place great importance on gauging the awareness levels of our customers after their initial transactions. It’s all too common for businesses to overlook marketing to existing customers. However, by actively engaging with them, business owners can amplify repeat business and inspire valuable referrals. Monthly newsletters serve as a highly effective means of staying connected while hosting engaging network events nurtures relationships and promotes additional business opportunities. By prioritizing our existing customer base, we cultivate a thriving community that fuels growth and customer advocacy.

Throughout each client’s awareness journey, our unwavering goal remains constant: guiding them to the coveted “outcome-aware” stage. Here, they grasp the true value of our services, driving remarkable benefits for their business.

How Do We Make This Enjoyable and Productive?

By maintaining constant customer engagement and perpetuating their awareness journey, we diligently arrange monthly meetings with each client. These sessions provide updates on our ongoing work and tailored ideas, encouraging profound connections. We gauge their current awareness stage, aligning content and practices accordingly. By prioritizing our customers and adapting to their evolving needs, we fortify lasting partnerships.

Take a look at our visual representation of the stages of awareness.

Unaware stage

When encountering a client in the “unaware” stage, we harness the formidable power of social media. Social media posts serve as a gateway to connect, share valuable insights, and gain fresh perspectives. Leveraging diverse platforms enables us to remain informed, exploring a vast realm of ideas and opportunities. Social media unlocks a world brimming with knowledge and connections, making it our inaugural stride toward propelling them to the coveted “outcome aware” stage, where transformative possibilities await.

Problem aware stage

As our clients enter the problem-aware stage, they acknowledge their challenges and actively seek solutions. In this crucial phase, written content emerges as a valuable tool, guiding them toward relevant information and resources. This very blog post serves as an exemplary testament to this type of content.

In your pursuit for answers, whether through online searches or immersing yourself in articles and books, written, educational content becomes your steadfast companion, imparting the knowledge and insights necessary to tackle your challenges head-on. Embrace an open mind and an unwavering curiosity during this stage, delving into various perspectives and potential solutions. The more you engage with the wealth of written content at your disposal, the nearer you draw to uncovering the desired answers. So, persist in reading, searching, and absorbing the wisdom that written content bestows upon you.

Solution aware stage

As individuals progress into the solution-aware stage, their quest for the optimal solution provider commences. This pivotal juncture calls for the strategic utilization of ads. People actively seek out specific terms, driven by a desire to uncover the most fitting option. Ensuring the visibility and targeting of your ads becomes essential, capturing their attention. By comprehending their needs and delivering pertinent information, you position yourself as the unequivocal frontrunner for their sought-after solution and are influential in their buying decisions.

“You” aware stage

As our clients transition into the “you” stage, they are already acquainted with us and our offerings, piquing their interest in what we bring to the table. Digging into the realm of our products and services marks the initial stride towards uncovering how we can fulfill your unique needs. However, mere knowledge alone falls short; understanding the profound benefits our offerings can bestow upon you is of great importance. Through exploring our array of options, you’ll unveil the inherent value that can enrich your life. Maintain an open mind and embrace the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

Outcome aware stage

During the outcome-aware stage, we prioritize fostering continuous connections and engagement with our valued clients. This encompasses a myriad of proactive measures, such as timely newsletters, regular monthly meetings, curated networking events, and our unwavering commitment to staying in the foreground of their thoughts. By nurturing these vital relationships, we solidify our presence and ensure lasting impact in their professional endeavors.

How It Benefits Us

At Digital Sandwich, we diligently track our current and prospective customers’ awareness journeys, enabling us to forge meaningful connections and genuine engagement. By placing their needs and preferences above our own, we consistently provide value that resonates. With their awareness at the forefront, we curate content and experiences that cater to their unique perspectives. Our unwavering commitment to customer-centricity cultivates loyal relationships, where the customer reigns supreme, reaping exceptional rewards in return.

Each individual customer holds immense value, and we are dedicated to their unwavering support throughout their awareness journey. By staying attuned to their knowledge gaps, we adeptly cater to their needs, creating trusting, loyal customers that enhance our retention. Having satisfied customers remains paramount, and our resolute commitment lies in providing the utmost support and assistance you deserve. Your digital marketing experience should be nothing short of amazing!

Digital Sandwich Agency

Digital Sandwich Agency’s marketing team is dedicated to helping small businesses thrive in their marketing endeavors. We are dedicated to staying with our clients every step of the way and meeting them where they are in the awareness journey. From the moment you join forces with us, we are fully invested in your success and know our part in helping you get there. So, if you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, Digital Sandwich Agency is here to support you every step of the way. Let’s get you to the “outcome aware” stage and achieve your marketing strategy goals. 

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