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Let’s set the scene: imagine you’re cruising through your day, or perhaps you’ve managed to snatch a moment of sweet, sweet free time. And what’s stealing the spotlight? You got it – you’re diving into the ever-enticing realm of social media. We’re talking about those quick-hit platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and their merry gang of short-form video platforms.

In the blink of an eye, video content has taken center stage, leaving static image posts waving from the sidelines. Even social media giants like YouTube have joined the party, serving up their version of “YouTube Shorts.”

There’s no denying our consumption of video content has soared in recent years, all thanks to the rise of short-form vertical video (SFVV). It’s the new normal in town.

You’ve been there – the classic “scrollathon” through Instagram Reels, where short-form videos steal the show. And here’s a little bet we’re putting on the table: there’s a solid chance that a good bunch of those clips belong to fellow businesses or the charismatic influencers of the virtual realm.

Have you ever spared a moment to peek at the like count on these snippets? If not, give it a quick glance and circle back here. We’re about to spill the beans on why diving into SFVV might be the next smart move for your business. 

What is Short Form Vertical Video?

Curious about short form vertical video (SFVV)? Imagine this: it’s the complete opposite of those long form videos…

In simple terms, SFVV is video content customized for mobile devices. It’s all about that vertical layout, perfect for soaking in on your trusty smartphone or tablet.

Diving a bit deeper here – unlike the usual horizontal videos, short form vertical videos are about quick and seamless consumption, making them a powerful marketing tool on social media platforms. Think snack-sized, ranging from mere seconds to a handful of minutes. The goal? Reeling in and holding onto your attention in our mobile-centric reality.

If you’re just starting to scratch the surface, hang tight – you’ll soon be confident with SFVV know-how.

Why Should You Care About SFVV?

We’re all for letting you decide, and hey, we’re not here to twist your arm about SFVV. But a quick rundown of its top perks won’t hurt.

1. Short form vertical video is packed with perks that take your viewing game up a notch. These bite-sized gems mean you can devour content without clocking in serious time. The vertical video format is like a red carpet for your mobile screen, giving you that smooth, immersive vibe.

2. Short form vertical videos are the champions of engagement. Right out of the gate, they’ve got this knack for snagging your focus and holding onto it for dear life. This format also allows for easier social media sharing, making it more convenient for you to experience and enjoy videos with friends and followers. 

3. Short form video format offers a refreshing and dynamic visual experience. That vertical layout? It’s like your screen’s very own spotlight, giving the content a cinematic twist that’s hard to look away from. This format also practically begs creators to bring out their storytelling flair and visual pizzazz.

4. Short form vertical videos are highly compatible with the current digital landscape. They slide into all sorts of social media channels and mobile apps without missing a beat. This accessibility ensures that you can enjoy a wide variety, ranging from entertaining video content to educational videos, on your mobile device. There’s a treasure trove of content just a tap away.

Don’t dismiss the nitty-gritty when it comes to those social media videos. The fact is, SFVV is your secret sauce for eye-catching content.

Types of Content Suitable for Short Form Vertical Video

As you can tell, short form vertical videos are having a moment. Picture this: mobile screens and a fresh way to consume content. Now, what’s the magic recipe for this format? We’re about to uncover some ideas that fit the bill perfectly for short form video content.

Insights from Lindsey, Our Influencer Marketing Specialist at Digital Sandwich

Short form vertical videos are like your backstage pass to unveil the real deal happening in your business. It’s your shot to pull back the curtains, letting your team’s personality and brand shine like never before.

SFVV hands you the keys to a world of “fun” content, especially when it comes to Tik Tok. A video packs way more punch than a still photo or graphic could. Trust Lindsey on this: a picture might be worth a thousand words, but a video? That’s where your brand’s heart truly shines. The real deal is a sneak peek that makes people feel right in the thick of things.

Naturally, SFVV is your go-to for whipping up educational content. Here’s the scoop – folks are more likely to tune in when you’re speaking instead of asking them to plow through text for quick answers. It’s a breeze to serve up the content folks crave. Be it a snappy tutorial or a quick explainer video, short form vertical videos ace the game of delivering info in a snackable format.

Advantages of Short Form Vertical Video Over Horizontal Format

No surprise here – short form vertical video is on the rise, and it’s got solid reasons to back its fame. This fresh approach brings a bunch of perks over the old-school horizontal style. 

Remember, orientation matters. Think vertical for mobile magic. It’s a snug fit for the screen, giving you a top-notch view. And trust us, the content format game matters more than you’d think. 

This format comes in handy for the fact that you can film on one platform and still have it work on another. For example, you can film a video on Tik Tok and then turn around and post it on Instagram as a Reel!

Attention Span Benefits

Short vertical videos trump the horizontal game in more ways than one. Average attention spans nowadays are shorter, so shorter videos are more appealing.

Wider Audience Reach

Vertical videos are accessible across platforms and devices, reaching a wide audience. It’s not just your target audience – a lot of people can get in on the action.

Easier to Produce and Consume on Mobile Devices

Crafting and watching vertical videos is a piece of cake these days. No need for fancy gear or a crash course in editing wizardry. It’s all about ease, speed, and saving those hard-earned bucks.

Cost Savings for Production and Distribution

Here’s the cherry on top – vertical videos offer cost savings for both production and distribution. Since they are easier and quicker to produce, companies can save money on production costs. And since they can be easily consumed on mobile devices, distribution costs are also reduced.

Challenges of Short Form Vertical Video

Picture this: short form vertical videos on mute. It’s like a story missing its essence. Sound matters – without it, the engagement takes a hit, and the viewing experience falls a flat. When sound’s out of the picture, crucial messages, background tunes, and other audio goodness vanish, leaving the video’s impact hanging by a thread.

Additionally, weaving short form vertical videos into traditional marketing strategies is a puzzle. These videos often require a different approach compared to traditional horizontal videos. The vertical format doesn’t always sync smoothly with the usual marketing avenues like TV or print ads, which usually groove to the horizontal video rhythm.

3 Tips for Filming SFVV

Don’t be shy – raise your hand if you’re still navigating this maze. No judgment here!

No worries; we’ve got your back. Here are some bonus pointers to set you on the right path:

  • Tip #1: Keep tabs on short form video trends. That means dedicating some legit work time to scrolling through Instagram Reels and TikTok. Check out what’s trending – it might surprise you. Replicating others’ ideas can sometimes be smart, saving you from the creative grind.
  • Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to have fun with it! We know that it can be daunting to see yourself on camera, or even just the process of filming a video can seem silly. Our Influencer Marketing Specialist suggests treating it like you’re talking to a friend; don’t get camera shy, and show off your personality! 
  • Tip #3: Partner up with us, and we’ll craft all your SFVV magic. We get it – you’re all very busy people! Let us step in and help you expand your reach, connect with your dream audience, and more.

A Powerful Tool For Your Business

Clearly, SFVV is a must-have in your marketing plans. Short form content, especially in the video format, is a powerful tool for your business. We’ve got your back on that front! We know it’s a big step to launch videos into the wild, but the perks are worth it all the way.

Social media users will love those bite-sized, easy-to-digest videos on social media. So take the leap – we’ve got your success story ready to unfold.

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